What sets us apart from the competition?

A glimpse into the foundation of our company and a showcase of the staff that makes us an exceptional resource in our industry.

Drexel Technologies is a document management, equipment placement and print operations specialist serving the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. Our founding principle is to deliver outstanding customer service in the markets we serve. We provide a wide range of software and hardware solutions that reach beyond what other industry counterparts do.

We deliver successful projects, no matter what the scope!

Our qualifications include over 75 years of business and countless successful projects. The on-site management team at Drexel includes leaders with over 30 years of industry experience. We are large enough to have the resources available to tackle any opportunity but small enough to make quick decisions when needed.

Our Leadership

Deron Taylor


Deron Taylor has played a pivotal role in guiding the company through the industry’s evolution into the digital age. His journey with Drexel began 34 years ago with selling stationery supplies to professionals in architecture and engineering, marking the start of a profound understanding of the industry at its core. A graduate of Kansas University, Deron has effectively leveraged his educational background to steer the company towards remarkable growth and innovation.


It is under Deron’s stewardship that Drexel Technologies has seen transformative growth and stability. His vision has been a cornerstone in establishing the company as a leading business, navigating the shifts in technology and market demands.

Doug Lanman


Doug Lanman exemplifies a remarkable journey of dedication. His career, spanning over 43 years, reflects his deep-seated commitment from the ground up. Doug’s ascension through various roles, leading to COO demonstrates his versatile capabilities and profound understanding of the company’s operations. Honed through years of hands-on experience, Doug’s wisdom has been instrumental in shaping the financial strategies that have driven Drexel’s success.


His leadership not only reflects financial savvy but also a deep connection to the company’s core values and aspirations, making him a pivotal figure in Drexel’s ongoing success story.

Troy Illum

Vice President

How can we help our customers create a better project in less time using fewer resources?  The answer to this question can be found by listening to our clients and striving to create a genuine partnership with them.  If we can increase awareness and the profitability of our clients we become a critical role in their success. 


Troy’s journey with Drexel started soon after graduation from Kansas State University.  He started his college education in Architecture and later completed his degree in Marketing.  Working at Drexel has allowed him to stay close to the design field while having the opportunity to put his marketing degree to use.  His current role has him overseeing the marketing, sales and service efforts for the company.  Troy also works closely with our production team to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

A quick, "hello" from your local team.

Lenexa, KS

Drexel Technologies’ main location in Lenexa, Kansas, boasts a dedicated and highly skilled team that has served the Kansas City area for over 75 years. It is from Lenexa that our leadership guides our company through mentoring our employees. Communication, creativity, relationship building, and problem-solving are all characteristics of our team.


Architects, engineers, and consultants in the construction industry around Kansas City benefit from our commitment to print, scanning, and on-site equipment solutions, ultimately enhancing the overall quality and success of your projects.

Downtown KCMO

Opening in 2005 and moving to a new location in 2015, our downtown location in Kansas City, MO has given us the flexibility needed to deliver on-time projects to even more of our customers.


Small but powerful, our talented team is able to specialize and focus on projects to ensure they are completed to exceptional quality and with remarkable turnaround times. If you are located near Kansas City, you can trust our downtown team to handle all of your printing needs.

St. Louis, MO

Our St. Louis office provides us with the reach needed to deliver successful projects to even more customers in the Midwest. Our new office boasts an impressive print production area and equipment showroom.


With a versatile staff at the helm, our office can address the office technology and print needs of our valuable clients and customers in eastern Missouri and into Illinois.

Our History