File Uploading

  1. Click on the location below that is closest to you.
  2. Allow & Accept to run any Java prompt that may appear.
  3. In the page that loads, fill in your contact info and order details.
  4. Use the Java Applet (or drag-drop your files into it) to select your files.
  5. Click the 'Place My Order' button to complete the process.

Upload Locations:

Need Help?

I follow the steps to the left, but the page never loads!

Typically, this is due to an out of date Java installation. Please visit with your web browser of choice and check that you have the latest java version installed.

I don't have, or can't get the latest Java. What can I do?

We offer an alternative non-java uploader for users who are unable to run the latest version of Java.

Click here for instructions on using our non-java uploader.

My problem is neither of these

If you have any questions while uploading files, please contact our data management department at 913-371-4430

Request Pick-Up

Request a driver to pick up documents

We can scan in your existing blueprints. Click on the button to the left to place your pickup request. Be sure to include with your documents a transmittal and/or instruction sheet that contains the work that you need done.