Our commitment to going green

Drexel Technologies is committed to practices that decrease the impact that the reprographics community has on the environment on a global and local scale. Such efforts to operate in a sustainable way – that is, so that we do not deplete resources to the extent that future generations will be harmed – requires everyone’s participation.

Over the past several years we have initiated several programs that help decrease our impact on the environment, including recycling all approved paper materials, cardboard, aluminum and plastic. We have bulk, on-site paper and cardboard collection systems and we provide recycle pick up programs for several customers. In 2010 we diverted over 25 tons of recyclable materials that, otherwise, would have ended up in a local landfill.

Our software solutions provide data distribution in electronic format in addition to paper format giving our customers a choice. Our electronic distribution has decreased paper consumption by an estimated 20%.

These programs are only the first steps toward making Drexel Technologies operate as sustainably as possible. We remind everyone that the choices we make as individuals have a tremendous impact on the environment. So please, conserve energy!

If you would like assistance with your recycling program, or to learn more about paperless document management, click on the request information link and send us a brief note.