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CAD Services

We understand how valuable your time is. Why spend countless hours on hand-converting printed drawings, maps and blueprints when you could be communicating with clients and team members?

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Our CAD Conversion services deliver high quality vector DWG/DGN files. Eliminate your storage costs, improve your team communication, and save both time and money. The benefits of working in a digital space are more important than ever, and we can bring these to you.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Our pricing starts at $85 for D-Size drawings and $125 for E-Size drawings.

Architects, Construction and Engineering companies, Contractors, and even Schools are increasingly converting old paper drawings, maps and blueprints into accurate digital files. The advantages of converting your paper drawings, maps and blueprints are now more affordable and powerful than ever.

Convert your existing paper drawings to CAD files in DWG/DGN formats. Remodeling becomes easy in digital space, and presentation is enhanced with layers and color coding. Reduce or completely eliminate the needs and costs of valuable space used for storing paper blueprints, and remove the threats of fire, theft, mishandling and environmental degradation.

As-Built Updating

Check for drawing completeness before costly construction mistakes. Add field markups, RFIs, ASIs and more to coordinate between team members utilizing a BIM environment.

Convert 2D to 3D

Display the vision for your project to showcase and highlight your design before construction starts. Help communities and project owners visualize the space and embrace your project by transforming flat 2D designs into a living and breathing 3D presentation.


We've all spent countless hours tediously searching through thousands of pages of specification documents and communication threads just to find the information we're looking for. With Hyperlinking added to your existing documents, it becomes quicker and easier to jump directly to the content you need most, saving you time.

Improve your construction scheduling, project monitoring, coordination and communication by taking advantage of our raster-to-digital services.

CAD Services Raster to Vector Conversion & More!